Prescribing Honestly

healthcare patient drug cost transparency

Patients often seek the help of a physician when they are in a vulnerable place. It is not uncommon for a patient to find themselves in an even more powerless position when they are prescribed a drug, completely unaware of the cost.

Can you imagine what it feels like to walk up to the Pharmacy counter not knowing whether or not you can afford the prescribed medication? Would it not make sense for these questions to be answered at the time a prescription is written so that patients leave the Doctor’s office empowered and knowledgeable on their options rather than anxious or stressed? Not only do we believe it makes sense but it is imperative in contributing to the wellbeing of a patient.

Physicians should be able to prescribe the most cost effective medications for their patients. 

Please read more about Dr.Gorfinkel’s petition for Drug Cost Transparency here.

If you support and encourage open dialogue between physicians and patients about the cost of their medication, please sign and share with your networks today.

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