Vaccinations are one of the simplest methods of disease prevention. Book an appointment to get immunized or to review your immunization record.

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The following vaccinations are not covered by OHIP but go a long way to reducing the possibility of serious illness. If applicable, they will be discussed at your next appointment.

    • Bexsero. Recommended from infancy to age 17. Protects against a strain of meningitis B distinct from the type of meningitis covered by OHIP vaccinations.

    • Gardasil. This vaccination is OHIP-covered for females under 20, but it is recommended for females ages 9-45 and males ages 9-26. Protects against several cancers, including rectal, anal, and cervical cancer.

    • Prevnar 13. Approved for adults 50 and over. Protects against thirteen common strains of pneumonia.
    • Prevnar 20. Approved for adults 50 and over. Protects against twenty common strains of pneumonia.