Cancer Screening

The following programs are OHIP covered unless otherwise indicated and will be discussed at your next appointment if applicable.

  • Colon Cancer Screening
    Option (A) Colonoscopy: Usually done every 8-10 years for men and women from age 50.
    Option (B) Home Test: A simple stool test that can be done at home. For men and women from age 50. Provides less accurate results. A good option for those who wish to avoid colonoscopy.
  • Breast cancer screening
    Ultrasound of the breasts, called mammograms, should be done every 1-2 years for women ages 50-69 or younger under specific circumstances.
  • Cervical cancer screening
    Pap smears should be done every three years for women ages 23-69 who have been sexually active. Additional HPV screening option should be done every 5 years from age 30 and is not covered by OHIP.
  • Lung cancer screening
    Low-dose CT chest scans should be done for heavy and long-term smokers.